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Broken Record isn't your average alternative hip hop / R&B album, but the first stage of a much larger vision for the empowerment and healing of everyone...

Collectively, we aim to raise awareness, increase understanding, and eventually break the stigma associated with mental health and spiritual well-being through music, because who doesn't love cool songs?

As you go through the album, the theme shifts from dark to light like you're healing with the music.

Each song is a transition into the next.


Represent in Style

Want to carry the music & message with you forever, yours to keep?

For every sale, 50% of our profits will go to stellasplace.ca

They offer many progressive, alternative methods for inner-healing, plus, all of their services are completely free! 

(P.S. They're funded almost entirely by donations)


Who's Performing?

Producer, Artist

The Founder of the Broken Record project. 
Boyojoy has been producing and writing various genres of music since he was 14 years old and shifted into Hip Hop and R&B as he got older. Now he wants to spread an important message to the world through an album he produced with the help of 6 featuring artists.
After discovering meditation back in August 2017, he then dived deep into ancient and esoteric teachings only to see how many mental health issues stem from spiritual imbalances. After battling with chronic anxiety, depression, and many other states of mind, he now wants to break the stigma while inspiring others to heal so that they too can be left empowered with a sense of belonging.

Hip Hop Artist

A chronic Silent sufferer of Anxiety and Depression, Harmony inadvertently would use his musical gifts
of composing, producing, and recording music in the basement of his family’s house to “numb” the
inner and outer trauma of his life.
Singer, rapper, songwriter Steve Harmony, hails from the Regent Park Housing Projects of Toronto,
Canada. At a young age Harmony developed and nurtured his musical talents taking Piano lessons and
Singing in his church and school choir all throughout his teenage adolescent years developing his
Harmonic ear. Throughout his career, Harmony independently released numerous Singles, Short EP
albums and Music Videos, developing a small and curious following.

Rap & Spoken Word

Symbolik aka Kwame Newman-Bremang (KNB or See K Flow) is a seasoned media professional whose spark into the media and storytelling realm began with the 90’s Toronto Canada Hip Hop scene and the Diasphoric African and human upliftment movements. The latter inspired numerous songs, contributions to mixed tapes and collabos, albums and live show productions. The musical path led to KNB getting into digital storytelling, broadcasting and interactive experience design. Kwame has produced hundreds of songs, including contributing to the hit “Cryptik Sols Crew” track on Sony Music’s You Can’t Stop the Bum Rush and to writing and performing “N” for Atari Games’ handheld hit N+ for the Nintendo DS and Sony PSP portable systems. He was a founder of both Cryptik Sols and Symbolik Music Hip Hop Crews where he brought raw lyricism and theatrically infused creative Hip Hop to various countries across the map.

 Hip Hop Artist


R&B Artist


Hip Hop Artist

Key-J Mitchell is a versatile Toronto based human (read: rapper, artist, and philosopher). Pulling musical inspiration from environments including a steel pan yard, a Catholic choir school, and that unending angsty existential phase that everyone born in the Internet age seems to go through, his music dismantles all preconceptions regarding gender, autism, and humans’ raison d'être. Constantly battling himself and the world while under the influence of mental norm divergences such as ADHD, autism, and Capitalism Resentment Syndrome, he aims to create a surreptitious sonic soundscape to synchronize your mind, body, and soul.

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The Broken Record Project: Healing through the arts

Jun 2, 2019

Stella's Place, our beneficiary, has complete coverage of our live performance and wrote a news article interview with Boyojoy. 



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