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Record labels carry the torch which is lit by some of the most talented, gifted, and unique musicians of our generation. Broken Records is an established Independent Record Label based in San Francisco. Since its founding in 2000, Broken Records has stayed one step ahead of music trends, offering artists and producers a trustworthy platform to launch and develop their musical careers. Explore the site to learn more about Broken Records.


Musical Roster

Top Talent

Country Artist

Sam Robertson

Unique Style

Broken Records is known for releasing singles and albums people love listening to. This is one of their latest releases which they hope will soon be shooting up the music charts. Check it out to get an idea of the talents that make Broken Records the incredible music label it is. If you’ve got any questions regarding this amazing album, feel free to get in touch.

Chris Rush

A #1 Hit

When Chris Rush approached Broken Records with their music, it was clear to all involved that there was something special about to hit the scene. Broken Records hurried to sign them to the label, and they’ve been making incredible music together ever since. Check out their latest work to understand the excitement everyone has regarding Chris Rush.

Hip Hop Artist
Woman in Yellow

Sarah Presley

June 23rd, 2023

Broken Records is constantly signing new artists in a variety of genres. From up and coming musicians to veteran artists, Broken Records loves producing and mixing tracks that audiences will love, and Sarah Presley is a great example of that. Get in touch to discover more about the work they’ve done with Sarah Presley.